Man hit by truck driver in Brooklyn rampage dies of head injury

One of the nine people who killed a man who drove a U-Haul truck in New York City has died from his injuries, police said Tuesday.

The driver is accused of deliberately plowing into pedestrians and bicyclists in multiple locations during Monday’s rampage in Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge and Sunset Park neighborhoods before police were able to stop him. boarded his vehicle and captured him several kilometers from the scene of the attack. Stay connected with the latest news by following the FMT Telegram channel
Surveillance video of part of the attack shows the truck speeding down the road as a pedestrian jumps out of its way, pursued by a police cruiser.

One of the injured drivers, a 44-year-old man, suffered head injuries and was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital, police said. Police have not released his name. The other victims, including the officer, were not seriously injured, police said. The suspect is being held in the county jail and is expected to make his first court appearance on Tuesday.

Local media identified the suspect as Weng Sor, who is in his early 60s. Police declined to confirm the name, and charges are pending.

His son, Stephen Sor, told The Associated Press in an interview outside his Brooklyn home that his father suffers from mental illness and sometimes abuses his medication. The boy said his father lives in Las Vegas and was surprised when he appeared in New York last week.

The truck was rented in West Palm Beach, Fla., on February 1 and will be returned there on March 3, the New York Times reported.

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